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In December 2014, the UN General Assembly, in its Resolution 68/237, proclaimed the International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024).

This Decade, for which the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) was designated as the lead agency, aims to strengthen actions and measures to ensure the full realization of the economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights of people of African descent, and their full and equal participation in society.

 Under the theme “Recognition, Justice and Development”, the Decade provides an operational framework to encourage States to eradicate social injustices inherited from history and to fight against racism, prejudice and racial discrimination to which people of African descent are still subjected.

In the light of the recent worldwide Black Lives Matters demonstrations and protests against the escalating racial motivated police violence leading to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, the paralysis Jacob Blake among other members of the black community, the NGO Pawa recognises the urgency for the re-launch of the IDPAD as a pillar to fight racism. Pawa, in cooperation with other actors, is re-launching the Decade with a cultural event entitled “The re-Launch of the Decade for People of African Descent”. Pawa will also host a range of pop-up cultural and art events highlighting the decades’ mechanisms and continuously provide information tailored for the African Diaspora on how to the political, economic, and cultural environment on their monthly online  African Descent TV

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The Program

“The Launch of IDPAD” encompasses a series of popup cultural and art events in three different cantons in Switzerland, Zürich, Geneva and Basel. The kick off event in Landesmuseum, Zürich on 26.9.2020.

The Launch of IDPAD in Zürich Landesmuseum

18.00 Practical Allyship Workshop: more than Anti-Racism: This course is for people that want to actively integrate anti-racism and anti-bias into their everyday life. The paradigm behind its creation draws from surveys of numerous courses and analyses of their weaknesses in the face of identity politics. The result is an entirely new course. Racism has specific characteristics but many of them are also found in other forms of prejudice. The workshop sheds light on the shared situations of marginalized groups regarding discrimination, whether it be a matter of ableism, origin, religions, gender or sexual orientation.

Allyship is about building alliances with those affected and showing solidarity. In the workshop the focus is less on definitions - instead we concentrate on meeting concrete challenges in day-to-day life and promote an inclusive culture.

Guiding principles: We do not want to trigger resentment, accuse or feel guilty, but rather learn how to actively counteract prejudices together.

Goal: With the workshop we can't get rid of discrimination, but will equip you to  disarm  with words and avoid confrontation.

The workshop is led by Mark Damon Harvey - teacher, workshop leader, consultant.

18.00 Drafting  an anti-racist, intersectional school system Socio-cultural animator and masters' student Mandy Abou Shoak begins the workshop by inviting the participants to reflect on their individual experiences of discrimination in school in order to draw a rough draft of a racism-sensitive school together. This workshop is aimed exclusively at BIPOC and is the starting point of a project that aims to develop an anti-racist, intersectional school education system.

19.00 “Welcoming note” from Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo, politician and Fem-Artivist

Key Note from Jacqueline Fehr the Governmental Governor head of Justice and Home Affairs.

Key Note: International Decade for People of African Descent” an Introduction by WGEPAD Chairperson Dominique Day.

19.30 Apero

20.00 “Venus without a nose” Switzerlands’ History of Slavery by Hans Fässler, historian and activist.

20.30 Real Talk -: After BLM demonstrations, what now?: A panel discussion with five actors representing the different sectors Religion, Political, Economic, Educational and Social aspects of the black community. The podium discussion will emphasise on the disparities highlighted among the Black community during COVID 19, concrete needs of the Black community and effective ways to enhance our lives in the light of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and protests. With the support of key government actors like the Jacqueline Fehr – Governmental Governor for Justice and Home Affairs Corine Mauch - city president, Alexander Locher - the head of the youth parliament, our participants who specialise in different fields will engage in a dynamic bilateral discussion to strategize on ensuring active implementation and participate in critical decision making levels on how to improve the lives of the African Diaspora . Our representatives include: Scotty Williams - Reverend of All Souls Protestant Church, East Switzerland, Mandy Abou Shoak- Socio-cultural animator and masters' student teacher, Bla*sh member and activist, Mark Damon Harvey – consultant, teacher and activist and Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo - politician and fem-artivist. The feedback from the podium discussion and a series of interviews and follow-up workshops will be used to write a manifesto with concrete suggestions on how we can pro-actively fight against racism with the help of the Swiss governmental institutions.

Soul Food

22.00 Afristorical: The history of African Diasporas resilience through transatlantic slave trade, and their preservation of their culture and heritage, told through dance and fashion.After party

The Launch of IDPAD in Basel Kunstmuseum Basel
The Launch of IDPAD in Geneva Palais de Nations United Nations

Events Highlights & Performances

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  • Guest Speakers: Jacqueline Fehr, Hans Fässler, Ahmed Reid
  • Practical Allyship Workshop more that Anti-Racism
  • Creating an inclusive and intersectional school environment

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Date: 26.9.2020
Time: 18:00  – 00:00
Location: Landesmuseum Zürich, Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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